Gut Love - What Happens in There?

Gut Love - What Happens in There?


Hear a grumble in your gut? Join our Gut Love workshop to learn what happens in there! Let's connect with our abdomens through a guided self abdominal massage!

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Organs…what have they done for you lately? So much!

Join us as we uncover the important roles our organs play at our Gut Love Workshop!

We will dig deep into our abdomen and learn about each organ’s purpose, how they do it and why it’s important.

Together we will connect and become accustomed with our abdomen with a guided self-abdominal massage to stimulate your digestion, increase blood flow, release tension and express some gratitude to these very special body parts

You will leave this workshop with an increase in self-awareness and connection with your body as well as decrease stress!

Your abdomen does so much for you, so show it some love!

Reserve your spot now as space is limited!

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 Jackie Mirkopoulos

Jackie Mirkopoulos


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12 people


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