Meagan, Women's Retreat to Nature: Costa Rica 2018

"I knew Jackie before the retreat so I knew it was going to be good, but her and Lilian far exceeded my expectations! I recommend the Women's Self-Care Retreat to Costa Rica 100% - the accommodation and beach is beautiful, and I came away with many useful tools and some wonderful new friends. I feel refreshed, in charge, and seriously ready to take on my goals - both personal and professional. It sounds super cheezy, but the change in perspective that I achieved during this trip has resulted in some amazing opportunities already, and I haven't even been back two weeks. If you're on the fence, just do it! Jackie and Lilian are a powerhouse of insight and inspiration, you'll be so glad you went!"

- Meagan, Women's Retreat to Nature: Costa Rica, 2018

Susan, Costa Rica 2017

"Great location, great house, great chef and incredible organization by Jackie. The only thing we had to do was enjoy everything that was carefully orchestrated for our group. A wonderful, relaxing and fun retreat with health center stage. I would highly recommend you join the next one. You will not be disappointed. Then there is Costa Rica, it is wonderful too!”

- Susan, Adventures of Self-Care Retreat Costa Rica 2017

Mark, Costa Rica 2017

"Though I arrived not knowing anything about the facilitator, not really sure what I signed up for and was a last minute addition to the retreat, I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was so well organized and the best part was Jackie and her team created an environment that allowed us to just be ourselves!"

- Mark, Costa Rica 2017

Sabine, Costa Rica 2017

“Jackie created a warm & inviting atmosphere during my stay in Costa Rica. Whether we wanted to participate in the adventures or just needed time alone, Jackie gave all of us the freedom to choose our journey. The activities were a perfect balance between adventure, relaxation, learning and pushing our boundaries. This was a once in a lifetime adventure that now stands as the benchmark for all other retreats!”

- Sabine, Costa Rica 2017