To evolve socially is to connect with like-minded people in a fun, playful and comfortable environment that supports you cultivating and maintaining human connectivity in our technology driven society. Time to unplug and let loose with real live humans! 

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how to be social today

Evolve Holistic Co-Founder and Self-Care Expert, Lilian Motta shares how you can be social in a social media filled world. 

 Lilian Motta - Co-Founder of Evolve Holistic

Lilian Motta - Co-Founder of Evolve Holistic

Lilian  Motta  walks  with  contagious  energy  that  will  make  you  feel  like  you  got  a  dose  of endorphins  by  being  near  her.  She  is  recharged  by  helping  people  connect  to  movement  and mindfulness;  having  worked  for  the  City  of  Toronto  in  Recreation  for  over  15  years  she knows  the  importance  of  play  for  all  ages  and  is  making  it  her  mission  to  connect  people with  their  inner  kid  to  learn  to  laugh,  move  and  play  with  no  judgement. 

 Mireya Mata

Mireya Mata

As an educator in the community and education system for more than 16 years, she has witnessed the increasing need for youth to find connection, self awareness and empowerment. She has a specialized background in working with children and teens, dealing with mental health issues, learning and behavioural challenges. Mireya has led workshops to support mindfulness, creativity, emotional intelligence, self- awareness and self-advocacy.

As a mom of a highly spirited son, she has put to practice many of the tools she shares with others. She has seen how a mindful lifestyle has influenced so many
children including her own become more confident, better at self-regulation and able to communicate their needs.