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Our Self-Care Essentials

Learn how you can evolve holistically by focusing on each of these 7 self-care essentials:


To evolve mindfully is to cultivate the ability, in every aspect of your life, to purposefully pay attention to being in the present moment. Listening to what your body, mind and soul needs without self-judgment.


To evolve socially is to connect with like-minded people in a fun, playful and comfortable environment that supports you cultivating and maintaining human connectivity in our technology driven society. Time to unplug and let loose with real live humans! 


To evolve emotionally is to discover and bring awareness to our emotions, investigate what they are trying to communicate to us, and learn to use them as valid tools in healing and expressing our true selves.


To evolve physically is to cultivate awareness of your body. It is important to know when you can push and test your limits but also to know when you need restoration. It is most important to get into a routine where you move your body in a variety of ways every single day! 

Evolve Holistic approved:

Cristiano Health and Fitness

Feeling a little rusty? Join the small group training that’s especially designed to help you perform better and more efficiently in all aspects of your life.

We believe in teaching you a variety functional movements in a mindful way including mobility, strength training, kettlebells, animal flow and meditation.

Our supportive, fun and inspiring group will help you with everything you need to achieve your greatest quality of life.

Join us and become stronger together! All levels are welcome to work at your own individual pace!


To evolve spiritually is opening yourself to new experiences and to become aware that we are all connected universally. Recognizing that we are not humans beings searching for spirituality but that we are all spiritual beings, having a human experience together. Knowing that we are part of something larger than ourselves. 


To get nourished, it is important to learn how to read labels, know what fillers are put into products we buy and why it is important to eat organic (from farm to table) as much as we can, Evolve Holistic will teach you the tools you need to make the best choices for yourself! Bonus! You’ll learn how to make some yummy healthy recipes.


To evolve sexually, we invite you to identify and connect with your sexual energy through acknowledging all the pieces of the puzzle: the biological, the psychological, the historical, the cultural, the spiritual and the social. Body and sex-positive education is so important, as intimacy and self love is so crucial to our overall wellness.

All Sexual classes and workshops are LGBTQ friendly.