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Meet the Care Bears



I’m Jackie, the co-founder of Evolve Holistic and my mission is to help you connect and reclaim your inner power! 


Lilian Motta

I'm Lilian Motta, aka Lil Talks and I am the co-founder of Evolve Holistic! My mission is to provide you with tools to heal and evolve as well as give you some space to dance and play!




Gabriela Arredondo

I’m Gabriela, I’m a sex educator and lead the sexuality related classes and workshops. I look forward to helping you evolve your sexual intelligence!


Rocio Motta

I'm Rocio; Administrator and Client Relations Rep. If you have any questions, ask away!


Erin Higgins

Hi, Im Erin and I am the Marketing Director here at Evolve Holistic and strategy is my game! I am also your go to girl for any community partnership requests. 


Stephanie Alba

I’m Stephanie the Social Media and Digital Coordinator, I look forward to connecting with you online! 


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