Our community vision at Evolve Holistic is to light as many candles as possible. We love to make connections and provide people with the resources they need to evolve into their best selves.

That is why we believe in promoting not just events happening through Evolve Holistic, but other wellness events in the community that also support alternative ways to socializing and growing.


Our community partners

LifeStretch is a mobility-stretch class designed to help you become more flexible in the mind, body and spirit. Here at Evolve Holistic, both Jackie and Lilian are certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy and are here to help you grow and deal with the physical and mental demands of your life.

Check them out if you're looking to add FST™ to your tool belt!


DTS Fitness Education is a fitness education company founded to deliver quality and highly practical education to personal trainers, strength coaches, and other industry professionals. Most of Evolve Holistic’s facilitators are trained in a variety of their courses which we integrate into our classes, workshops and retreats.

DTS Fitness Education’s values resonates with our beliefs in longevity and pain free movement. If you are interested in becoming a trainer or stepping up your current training status, check out DTS Fitness Education!

Cristiano Health + Fitness

Cristiano Health is a training studio located in the heart of Little India, Toronto. They are committed to providing their clients the latest and greatest healthy practices by instilling confidence.

Cristiano Health offers Evolve Holistic approved high quality small group training programs especially designed to help you perform better and evolve physically! Some of Evolve Holistic’s classes and workshops will be hosted at the Cristiano Health training studio.

Red Door Family Shelter

The Red Door Family Shelter provides services for families and individuals who need a safe and supportive emergency shelter. Evolve Holistic created a Health and Wellness program that’s accessible to the families that live in the shelter for free. This program includes mobility, exercise, meditation and fun!

Evolve Holistic continues to support and host fundraising events to support families in need and keep this program alive. Help us support the Red Door Family Shelter and donate now!