3 Steps to Create Your Own Full Moon Ceremony

Written by Evolve Holistic's Co-Founder, Lilian Motta.

Are we really expected to manifest new dreams and unlock emotional blockages during the full moon? Does the energy of the moon really affect us? Can putting out rocks and lighting candles make my life better? Let me answer these questions for you in one word: Yes. And let me tell you the plan in one word: Intention. Sounds simple, right? If you still don’t believe me let me tell you how you can create your own full moon ceremony and why this can improve your life. 

First of all let’s talk about intention. The google definition that popped up first on my browser is “a thing intended; an aim or plan” and I have to admit that was the most efficient definition I have read up to date but I will elaborate. Having intentions does not mean you suddenly believe in cosmic energy, different dimensions or unicorns (although those things make life more interesting). Creating intentions are choices that you make to observe your life, admit changes and move in the direction of your desires, kind of what Tony Robbins does but we use the moon to help us along. 

And when did people think following moon cycles was crazy? We follow a calendar that has to add a day every 4 years to line up nature. we follow the clocks that have to adjust to daylight savings time (aka the sun and more nature), but yet the moon is not credible. The thing that has been rotating around our earth for gazillions of years, controls our tides and illuminates our nights. That doesn’t matter to some folks? Crazy! So let’s shed some light on the moon and see how we can use its beautiful glow to guide us in our journey and keep us accountable. 

Alright best case scenario: you get to have a full moon cacao ceremony guided by a Shaman in the jungle -  for those of you with a higher tolerance maybe it’s an ayahuasca ceremony. There are candles, an orchestra of crickets and other creatures creating a beautiful ambiance and being bathed in moonlight. But let’s be real, that is not how we can afford to spend our time every full moon so let’s work with what we have, even if that means a birthday candle and a youtube playlist of “jungle night sounds.”

So, here are 3 things to keep in mind:


Let’s create a space with what we have available. Gather up some good friends, put out some candles and play some good tunes. If you have Sage or Palo Santo, smudge that good stuff to clear the space - plus it smells good 😉. Take it one step further and create an altar, It can be a nice little cloth, some crystals, images, candles and the intention (written or thought) to infuse them with moonlight. This helps bring who you are today to the table and reminds us of our journey. Have a fire if possible, that would be ideal (explained below) although not necessary but c’mon who doesn’t like bonfires?

Let’s get real here, it is valuable to create space to set goals and see the vision you are moving towards. This is a great time to check-in on your goals and accomplishments and use the energy of the moon to help you along. An important question to ask is: what things are stopping me from achieving my goals? To enhance the experience write it in a paper and burn it in the fire with the intention of letting go of those experiences and judgements. Light a bonfire outside. And please use fire with caution. You would be surprised how that needs to be clarified. Reflect on the things you can improve on and set goals to improve them. Topics can be:

How can I be more mindful?

Be more nutritionally conscious?

Be more compassionate?

Be more active? Be more Grateful?

Be more financially satisfied?

How can I have more pleasure in my life?


Write down your goals and wishes and keep them visible so you see them everyday; your brain subconsciously searches for things in your environment. This is more than coincidence, it’s also science. If you are with a group of people you can share your intentions and goals to use each other as accountability buddies. The best part is that you have a guaranteed deadline: the next full moon! 
So there you have it, “The Starter’s Kit to a Full Moon Ceremony.” I encourage you to read up on any tribes, groups and other guides to experience how other people are doing it. Maybe you can find one that vibes with you. You do not have to burn anything if you don’t want to but you gotta admit, the goal setting thing does make a lot of sense so even if you do none of the things above. At least take a moment to pause and check in with your life, where you want to go and what steps you have to take to get there. Let the full moon remind you of the light inside of you that has the potential to glow magnificently and fully like her.