'Tis the Season for Some Spring Cleaning!


Why would I want to detox?

While some people might associate a cleanse as a weight-loss method, it is actually quite deeper than that.  

Our digestive system gets taxed on a regular basis and when we’re not making healthy, educated choices, there can be a build-up of poorly digested food on our intestinal walls. The contributing factors can include, food choices, sleep habits, stress levels, etc.  

A great time to detox is with the change of a season or when once you notice things like fatigue, skin breakouts, bowel movement problems, etc. You will notice once your organs are at their limit of being able to eliminate waste and toxins, other systems will be affected. The skin is a good tell sign because it is our biggest organ.  

Evolve Holistics’ Jackie Mirkopoulos shares her top detox tips on SPRING-ing into a healthier you.  

#1 Tune Into Your Skin

The skin is the largest organ of your body and plays a big and important role in our overall health. If our organs are not able to regulate the flow of particles, clear toxins, and waste, the skin will take over some of this function. Things to notice are acne breakouts on face or body, bad smelling body odour, dry skin, foggy eyes, grey-yellow skin colouring. By changing your food intake through cleansing, your skin will be a direct byproduct of what you’re eating. You’ll have wonderful glowing skin just in time for spring and summer!

#2 Drink More Water

Our bodies are made up of a range between 70%-80% water! Dehydration is a tremendous issue in our digestive and gut health, and our overall health in general. It’s often overlooked and especially with these cold winter days, people are not drinking as much water as they might be in the summer. The recommended water intake is 15 cups for men and 10 cups for women. If we are dehydrated our bodies cannot function and eliminate waste and toxins efficiently. Put lemon, berries, cucumber, herbs… make it fun. But get that water in!


#3 Eat More Greens, Alkaline Foods and High Fibre Foods

Foods like fried or processed foods, gluten, diary and some nuts are quite inflammatory and over time can cause stiffness and pain in body especially your joints. We want to replace these not so great food choices with with alkaline and high fibre foods. Things like greens, berries, avocados, almonds and legumes. As you see, mostly plant based foods. You’re giving your digestive system a break by choosing healthier, non-processed foods. This will help scrape away the build-up on the intestinal walls and promote a less acidic body thus decreasing inflammation. So, eat your greens and high fibre foods baby!

#4 Get More Sleep

We can’t stress this enough. Sleep, sleep, sleep! We need it. Sleep is when your body gets to literally “Rest & Digest.” This is where every function, system, cell of our body gets to recover and digest whatever it needs to be at your optimal. When you increase your sleep, getting between 8-10 hours per night, you will instantly notice a change in your digestion and energy levels.

#5 Rid Yourself of Chemicals

Chemicals are all around us. In the air we breathe, the products we use, the clothes we wear, literally everywhere. Some of these things are out of our control to an extent, but most of them we have FULL control over. Switching over to chemical free, all natural cleaning products as well as hygiene and cosmetic items is one of the best things you can do for yourself. What chemical product could you give up today? It only has to start with one. 

If you would like to find out more about Jackie’s top detox tips, we invite you to one of our workshops or retreats that tap into the importance of our health through cleansing and gut health! Our fast approaching Spring Cleaning Self-Care Retreat will feature a plant based, dairy-free food plan, nutritional wholesome meals, mindfulness, mobility and simple exercises, DIY cleaning product workshop, crystal healings and guided meditations, a truly holistic approach to detoxing. Evolve Holistic! 


Give yourself some self-love and learn practical self-care tools that you will crave and immediately apply into your everyday life! 

Check out our up and coming workshops and retreats – we hope to have the pleasure of meeting you one day!! 💓

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