SRH Week 2018 - Mind Your "Business"

Sexual Reproductive Health Week from February 12th – 16th  is a campaign hosted by Action Canada to raise awareness around sexual and reproductive health and highlight resources developed to help improve community health. 

Sex certainly helps to reproduce, but not everyone has sex for reproduction. Most people have sex for pleasure, intimacy, and connection. In this sense, sex encompasses more than our reproductive parts. Sexual health includes eroticism, sexual pleasure, STI’s, healthy relationships, privacy, body positivity, satisfaction, diseases, and more.

This year, SRH Week is raising awareness towards the existing link between mental health and sexual health called, Mind Your “Business.” 

Mental health is the door that opens or closes the door to enjoy a healthy sexual life. 

Mind Your “Business” invites you to join the conversation about the great complexity in which sexual and mental wellness are connected. For example, how does your self-image impact your ability to feel pleasure? Or, the impact of low-self-esteem, unprotected sex, and the factors that lead individuals to engage in violent relationships vs. healthy relationships. 

At Evolve Holistic, we believe that sex positivity within yourself and others have a lot to do with comprehensive self-care. Where we, as human beings reach the best of our well-being when all parts of ourselves are acknowledged. It’s crucial for us to share the love and have a safe space to discuss health issues in a way that affirms the concerns, knowledge, and experiences of those around us.

Know the facts! Raise your mental health and sexual awareness with us! 

What does the connection between mental health and sexual health mean to you? How are they connected? Share it with us on our socials! #EvolveHolistic #SRH2018 #MindYourbusiness #CDNhealth